Projects to continue in Milne Bay: Governor

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The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

MILNE Bay Governor Titus Philemon says his move to the Opposition, together with his People’s Progress Party, does not change anything in terms of governance in the province.
Assuring the people of Milne Bay following the PPP’s decision to split from the Government coalition and join the Opposition late last week, Philemon said the provincial government would continue to maintain its work and activities until the end of the term of the current Parliament.
Philemon said he would continue to lead as governor and would ensure that the development projects and programmes and the policies of his government were pursued and completed.
He said his move to the Opposition was based on the party caucus decision, which he also supported as deputy party leader.
He added that the decision was based on what the party felt “is the right thing to do at this point in time, when the country seems to be heading further and further into turmoil and chaos”.
“The party caucus felt that the status quo in national government leadership and governance could not be allowed to continue.
“We were also very concerned at the manner in which the national government was dealing with many of the political, economic and social issues,” Philemon said.
“In particular, the student protests were not handled well, resulting in the current chaos which has left the provincial governments with more costs.
“The party caucus also felt that the Opposition needed to be strengthened to provide an alternative prime minister and government and to guide and correct the government where it is needed.”
The governor said while he was grateful for the additional support that the national government had provided to Milne Bay, many of the projects and programmes continued to stall because of funding delays.