Promising programme for graduates


GRADUATES intending to apply for the Steamships graduate development programme (GDP) must be always eager to learn new things, says Steamships corporate head chief accountant Mary Vagi.
Mary, who was in the 2016 accounting pathway in the GDP, said: “What I enjoyed most about the programme, is the mentoring and training.
“I have learned a lot from working with different people during my rotations.”
Insurance officer Kerrian Barilla, who also was part of the GDP, said: “What I enjoyed the most in the graduate programme is having the opportunity to rotate around different companies within Steamships, by learning and understating how each business operates, the different work ethics, cultures and management styles and, of course, meeting new colleagues and managers that helped me build my professional network.
“I’m learning so many things from the programme and with my current permanent role, I’m still learning.
“I’ve enjoyed learning new things.
“So, my key message is – learning never stops.”
Internal auditor Samantha Longai, who was part of the GDP in 2020, said: “What I love about the programme is that it gave me opportunities to build my professional network both in PNG and abroad.
“Steamships has employees of different cultural background and that’s what motivates me to learn from them most of the time”
Simon Kunai – computer service division – said the programme was an opportunity to interact with the users within different divisions.
“Their hardware and software break downs become our problem and that gives me opportunity to learn,” he said.
“I love the working culture and the environment as it has helped me build my confidence.”
The Steamships GDP closes on May 30.