Promising times ahead


ANY new beginning brings its share of optimism and expectations of bigger and better things.
And 2022 is no different.
This year is a very important one.
It is this year that Papua New Guinea will return to the polls to elect its 11th Parliament.
It is the year that will determine the leadership that will carry the country into its Golden Jubilee anniversary in 2025 when we turn 50.
From the family homes to business houses and the corridors of power, 2022 has arrived with similar optimism and expectations for greater achievements, success and prosperity.
The prime minister has given hope to this year, reassuring that everyone can look ahead as a nation and a community with confidence.
PNG has been through very tough times and there are challenges that remain as we go through 2022.
Reduced world commodity prices and the impacts of Coronavirus are among several factors that have placed pressure on our economy.
Although there has been some progress made towards the end of last year, as reported by the news media, there is a greater need for more infrastructure development and social services in the districts and local level government areas this year.
It seems the Government has every reason to be optimistic of success this year.
The Government has plans of building a more prosperous nation in which the benefits of growth and development are more equally shared by all.
It will continue to improve the key policies that directly benefit the people. This Government is proud of its key economic sector reforms and changes to the economic infrastructure and social service sectors and promises to continue to rebuilding and expanding the critical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, airports and ports.
The way ahead for PNG, on paper, looks all set for good things to come.
Taken together, these areas are very important areas or public interest that directly benefit the people and the communities in which we live.
The 2022 National Budget captures health, education, agriculture, the growth of small and medium businesses to create a bigger economy-supporting middle class for PNG, downstream processing of our natural resources and infrastructure development to connect rural PNG.
By working smarter, we can meet our domestic food needs and generate vital export income for our nation.
Rebuilding and expanding farms and the agricultural sector is a key priority in the year ahead.
The Government has plans to assist producers to improve the quality of their crops and will improve the infrastructure in rural communities across the nation, especially roads in its Connect PNG programme.
In sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, tourism, transportation, and mining, and in enhancing the role of women in our economy and helping SMEs and with support from overseas partners will make a very positive contribution towards strengthening our capacity.
May we be more tolerant of others, help those in need and be thankful every day for all that we have.
The way the world looks at PNG will change for the better and this will stimulate new investment and business and create more jobs for our people.
A new beginning is valuable.
We hope its promise will last long into the year.
It is reassuring to know that the Government understands and appreciate how tough things have been for families and communities right across PNG.


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