Promote unity through sports: Judge

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

National and Supreme Court judge Justice Steven Kassman has called for greater national unity through national sporting events and activities.
Justice Kassman said sporting teams and individual players were better able to promote national unity during their interaction with other teams and players PNG-wide.
He said this at the weekend at Kiburu Lodge outside Mendi, Southern Highlands, when he met with Gulf Isapea rugby league players and officials before their game with Hela Wigman.
Justice Kassman noted that popular sporting events such as rugby league brought many individuals and different ethnic groups together.
“As individuals, you have an important task to perform in building national unity apart from being a team playing to win for your respective teams. Through sports you travel meeting many other people and through your interaction you can promote greater national unity and understanding among our people,” Justice Kassman said.
“As players, of course you are expected to play a fair and hard game according to the rules to win and there is nothing wrong in doing that,” he said.
Judge Kassman is currently the resident National Court judge in Mendi, Southern Highlands.