Promoter waiting for approval to host fight nights


OCEANIA Fight Promotions director Maryanne Millie says they are awaiting the national pandemic controller’s approval to host four fight nights in Port Moresby.
She told The National yesterday that the fight nights were initially planned for the next two months, with the opening event scheduled for Sept 24.
“We’ve already submitted our request to the controller’s office to host the events but we are still waiting for confirmation,” Millie said.
“We also have a clash at the host hotel as there will be a function at the venue on the same date as our opening night so it will delay us.
“So the opening night will most likely take place in the first week of next month.” She said they were looking at hosting two events next month and two more in November to make up for the delay.
“Initially, we had planned for one fight night every month,” Millie said.
“But due to the delay over the last two months in response to the Covid-19 surge in the city, we will be squeezing fight nights over the next two months. Next month, we’ll stage 10 bouts per fight night and in November, we’ll cut it down to six.”
Meanwhile, Millie said a World Boxing Council Asia title fight between national lightweight champion Raka Kauko Jr and his Philippine opponent Roldan Aldea would be held in December in Port Moresby.