Promoting fear to stop HIV


I AM a Christian but I am tired of reading about money given away to support people living with HIV/AIDS.
Are we sick in our brains to be investing in dead bodies rather than pumping that much money into campaigning against this deadly disease? Importing things such as condoms, drugs for prolonging a person’s life only promotes HIV, so stop importing them.
We need to see people die every day to drive fear into this Christian country so people can abstain from this stupid thing that contributes to HIV/AIDS.
Suggested place to run campaigns against HIV/AIDS are:

  • Schools. HIV/AIDS should be part of the curriculum.
  • Rural areas. Set up small teams of experts and youths, churches, women’s groups, etc.
  • Urban areas and settlements. Unemployment is the big contributing factor here. Try driving around Port Moresby and you will see young women standing around areas where they are not supposed to be. You’ll see pick-ups and drop-offs by Dadi Boss or sugar papa.

They don’t care because they have a condom or medicine in hospital that will help them live longer.

  • Work places. There should be training provided for employees.

My apologies for my strong words, but we must stop wasting money on condoms and medicine to prolong the life of people living with that deadly disease.
Invest in the living and not the dead, otherwise the 48000 already infected will increase.


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