Promoting science helps people think smart: Prof


Promoting science and mathematics in schools can make young Papua New Guineans more technology savvy and develop their ability to be more innovative in their thinking, says a senior academic.
Professor Teatulohi Matainaho said that because Papua New Guineans were too content with the technology they used they were not thinking of new ideas in technology.
Matainaho was speaking at the science fair at University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Natural and Physical Sciences.
He said that science started with an idea and if primary and high schools taught science and mathematics more, students would be more innovative in their thinking.
“We become the consumers of innovative ideas from other people around the world and their products,” he said.
“If we were able to develop our own technology and machines it will be helpful for the country because while the government is bringing services and technology into the country we are still having trouble in delivering the services.”
Matainaho said that institutions could only provide knowledge and ideas but how those ideas and knowledge were put to use depended on the students