Proper coordination sought to tackel social issues


Youth, Religion and Community Development Minister Soroi Eoe has called for proper coordination in addressing social issues particularly in the rural areas.
“One of the issues that we need to look at is how all the efforts are coordinated,” he said.
The department and stakeholders are in consultation in the review of the department’s Integrated Community Development Policy 2018-2022.
Eoe hoped that can collaborate to implement the policies on the ground.
The policy is a rights-based approach through which people are empowered to develop their communities.
One such approach is the Community Learning and Development Centre where all activities are coordinated and implemented.
It is a meeting place where
government officials, development partners and agencies address community development issues/problems.
Eoe said such social policy was important because it dealt with people.
“You are talking about a whole range of family to start off – men, women, children – and then we go out of the family circle,” he said.
“We have children who are disabled, we are talking about fathers who are beating up their wives, and then we have children who are orphans, issues as a result of economic hardships, HIV/AIDS. These are issues that are affecting lives.”
Eoe said addressing the issues needed to be coordinated properly by the government, non-government organisations and the churches.
“(This is important) so that we do not duplicate resources, efforts, so we can ensure that services, policies are reaching our people through different means,” he said.