Proper laws on informal sector key


The country needs to have proper laws in place to govern the development of its informal economy, Constitutional and Law Reform Commission chairman and Kandrian-Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang says.
In order to address the issues, Lelang said the commission reviewed the laws on small-to-medium enterprises or the informal economy.
He told The National that the terms of reference were completed and submitted to the justice minister for tabling in cabinet and to take to Parliament.
“If we don’t have proper laws governing the development of the small-to-medium enterprises or the informal economy, it’s going to be chaotic,” Lelang said.
“Such laws are important, so from time to time, we need to have these laws in place so we can address the informal economy.
“There have been a lot of consultations that have taken place over two years and all stakeholders have contributed to the review of this law.
“The process by which we come up with the laws is not a simple one.”
Lelang acknowledged the partnership that the commission had forged with other government agencies and stakeholders on some projects.
He said one of the commission’s powers was to provide advice and information to government departments and institutions.
“We have assisted those agencies and are calling on others who want their laws reviewed,” Lelang said.