Proper procurement protocols must be applied

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 IF Rehabilitation of Education Sector Infrastructure (RESI) funds come from the government, then normal public finance management procurement processes should be applied as with  other government agencies and departments. 

I am a small contractor who is struggling to obtain a contract from the Education Department. 

Recently, particularly in NCD, I saw other contractors getting hefty paycheques in the recent rollout, but I did not stand a chance.

It appears that this is because proper procedure was not being followed before engagement letters were issued to commence work in various schools. 

Contract values range from K200,000 to K500,000 and that prompted me to alert the authorities and stakeholders on what is going on right under our noses. 

There are proper tender and procurement processes to expedite use of public money  and I  firmly believe the people in charge of RESI funds are bypassing these protocols and overlooking the functions of the Central Supply and Tenders Board. 

It would be appropriate if Sam Koim and his Sweep Team stepped in and checked the Education Department’s books for legitimacy, accountability and transparency on the previous payout before the whole K600 million of RESI funds is soent in the same manner.


Small contractor

Via email