Proper use, care of facilities lacking, authority reveals

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013


THE Angau Hospital management says proper use of toilets and facilities will prevent blockages like the one that occurred at its cancer ward this week.

A statement from the hospital yesterday said the ward toilets were maintained regularly by their plumbing unit but proper usage and care were necessary. 

“Careless use is a serious concern, with many wards experiencing continuous blockage despite being informed on proper toilet use,” the statement said. 

Constant calls to use hospital facilities properly and ensure hygiene over the years have been largely ignored.

“Patients and guardians must understand hospital facilities, including toilets and showers, are there for you to use when sick and arrive at the hospital for treatment and care.” 

It was revealed that the laundry area outside the ablution facility was covered with foul septic water and human waste like the cancer ward.