Property for coffee society

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The National, Monday 08th April, 2013


THE Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) has agreed to lease properties to Apo Angra Kange (AAK) coffee cooperative society.

CIC chief executive officer Navi Anis said last Friday that the decision was made after pilot trials with AAK were successful.

Speaking after members of the society completed a three-day walk from Togoba in Western Highlands to Kundiawa, Anis said society was a small pilot project under CIC, which had grown from strength to strength and now had its own capital and management.

He said property currently used by the cooperative would be leased to them soon.

Lease agreements were being prepared and would be signed between CIC and AAK, including a warehouse and the manager’s house in Goroka, Eastern Highlands.

Anis assured coffee growers who are active members of AAK in Chimbu that they would be able continue to use the metal containers in CIC yard in Kundiawa until further notice.

 “The AAK cooperative shows that CIC coffee cooperative policy is working.

“We want to give more help to such organisations like this who are geared up and ready to get help,” Anis said.

“AAK cooperative is a role model for other cooperative groups to emulate, CIC policies are there to assist farmers because without them, CIC would not exist.”

Anis also declared that AAK cooperative manager Brian Kuglame was no longer an employee of CIC because he was working fulltime for the society.