Property, gardens gone

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The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

THOUSANDS of kina worth of property and food gardens were destroyed in a flood at Kindeng in Jiwaka last week.
The flood started on Wednesday and continued till yesterday morning, destroying everything in its way.
The continuous heavy rain has forced the River Tuman to burst its banks.
The people of the Kinapulg clan, of the Rungi Mamulga tribe, have been badly affected since last week.
Two houses and domestic animals have been swept away.
The road linking Dei council, in Western Highlands and North Waghi, in Jiwaka, was partly swept away.
Kinapulg councillor Jacob Bulda said his people had been badly affected since last week.
“We thought this was a minor flood and might not cause further destruction to property and homes,” he said.
“Yesterday morning we were surprised to wake up and see that our food gardens and coffee trees were all covered with water.”
Bulda said the Kindeng-Kondapina road, at Wambunmulg, was partly washed away and would completely cut them off if nothing was done to stop it from being destroyed.
“With the continuous heavy rain and flood my people will be facing further destruction.”
He said most of them had lost their food gardens and coffee trees in the flood and did not know where to get further help and support.
“More than 1000 people are affected and I do not know what else can be done so that these people can return to their normal lives.”
He said with the continuing bad weather being experienced people must move away from near rivers and mountains.
“We do not know what other steps we can get to help our people because this destruction was unexpected and is caused by bad weather,” Bulda said.
He warned vehicle owners and PMV drivers to take extra precaution when driving along the Wambunmulg section of the Kindeng-Kondapina road.