Some property owners want proper valuation done first


SOME property owners being affected by the construction of the the four-lane Kagamuga-Keltiga Road in Mt Hagen want proper valuation and surveys before the work starts.
Property owners from Kagamuga Airport to Saint Paul’s want Works and Implementation, Valuer-General’s Office and Lands to be involved in the valuation of their properties and surveying of the 20-metre corridors on both sides of the road.
Property owners Matt Kum, Willie Wananga, Roger Meckpi, John Dameng, Ronnie Choi, Bob Naranga and Rasel Dup say they support the construction of the road but they don’t want to be forced out.
Meckpi said they were not happy with the way in which two project consultant companies had used police to bulldoze everything.
“There is no consultation between us and the project consultants, the developer or anyone from the Department of Works or Valuer General’s Office,” he said.
Meckpi said the clearance of the 20m corridor on both sides of the road was done without their consent.
Provincial police commander Martin Lakari denied using force against anyone living along the road.