Proposed coal project a waste of time


THE recent media reports of coal energy being considered to boost the power needs of Lae surely cannot be taken seriously especially when the coal has to come from Gulf.
And to add to the nonsense and fallacy, PNG is leading the smaller Pacific island nations in the fight against global warming and rising sea levels.
It is ridiculous to consider extremely expensive energy sources let alone coal when Morobe has an abundance of large fast flowing rivers suitable for harnessing for power generation.
This huge free natural energy source is waiting to be tapped.
All that is probably required is some proactive innovative serious commitment by the government to solve the country’s energy needs for now and for the next 41 years.
There have also been talks about harnessing hot springs energy for power including expensive money wasting fact-finding trips overseas.
However, the responsible minister and his delegation have remained mum on the subject since they returned two years ago with no hint of remorse whatsoever about the trip.
But it is to be hoped that the project is still on the drawing board pending the right financial climate.
Most of us take the coal energy proposal as just a joke.
PNG Power chief executive officer Chris Bais was quoted in The National yesterday (Nov 24) as correctly saying that PNG was bound by international agreements, including the Kyoto Protocol and the recent Paris COP 21 Agreement regarding carbon emissions and coal-fired power generation so case close.
Mayur Resources can either invest in a hydro or hot spring energy source or can just kindly take their money and investment elsewhere.

BT, Port Moresby   

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