‘Prosperity depends on cleaning environment’

Health Watch

CONSISTENCY in having a clean environment is vital for a healthy population to prosper, an official says.World Vision’s water, sanitation and hygience (Wash) project manager Everlyn Mikasimo said Klinpela Komuniti Projek (KKP), a joint project by the European Union, United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the Government, was promoting healthy environment and healthy living in four Morobe districts. Mikasimo said components of KKP such as Wash in schools, healthcare facilities and community-led total sanitation played a vital role in promoting sustainable practices for people to follow in protecting the environment and living a safe and healthy lifestyle. “As a KKP implementing partner in Nawaeb, the project helps open defecation free (ODF) communities to build proper toilets with tippy taps and are provided with incentive tools to maintain their ODF status, general cleanliness and beautification activities,” she said.“To avoid polluting the environment, proper waste disposal systems are also set up. “The systems include incinerators for menstrual waste management for schools participating in the KKP.“Through KKP, the environment is not polluted and lives are being transformed through disease reduction.“The main challenge faced the inconsistency in maintaining the environment clean-up activities, however.”Mikasimo called on the district health services to provide ongoing health promotions and strengthening the Government’s “healthy island” concept.Unicef’s Wash officer Issabella Warre said sustainable Wash outcomes cannot be realised where there are poor environmental hygiene practices.“Not considering the health and hygiene of the environment undermines effectiveness of Wash interventions, especially improper waste disposal into the environment, including open defecation,” Warre said.

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