Prostitution in PNG should stop


I AM writing in response to letters in The National on Tuesday, Sept 8, from Mosbi Observer, Ruth of Morobe, Worried Mother, and others on the subject of prostitution.
Papua New Guineans should now know that we are serving the only one true God of Heaven, who is an eternal and a living God that never dies.
This God is clothed with purity and holiness and even in heaven, it’s all holiness.
Papua New Guinea is a Christian nation and yet some people are still lost.
They don’t know the reason for Jesus’ death and resurrection.
He died to save lost souls and that we would be free from bondages that force us to think that there is no way out of our struggles.
PNG is not a prostitute country where men and women make their living out of it.
This kind of evil should stop.
The God that we serve is a God of fire and people practising prostitution in a Christian country should know that He is watching over every single movement PNG is taking.
Use your bodies for God’s Glory.

Yamp Pita
Morata 1

One thought on “Prostitution in PNG should stop

  • PNG is not a Christian Country anymore
    1. Too many killings
    2. Too many reports of violence against women and girls
    3. Incests/Rape of minors
    4. Corruption from high up
    5. Easy access to online porn
    6. Sorcery related killings
    7. Drugs
    8. Attitude Problem people
    And the list goes on………..Isn’t that enough proof?

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