Protect Christianity against forces of evil

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 31st, 2015

 UNITED States of America (USA), the most powerful nation on earth that was once the bastion of the Christian faith, justice, freedom and godly values based on the Holy Bible has turned against the very God upon which that nation was founded. 

Even their first President, George Washington, declared that “it is impossible to govern a nation without God and the Bible”. 

They even have on their currency “in God we trust” and became the greatest missionary sending nation to the whole world. It was the benchmark of Christianity.

Sadly, not only have they taken religious instructions and the Bible out of schools and colleges in the recent past. 

Tthe highest court has ruled recently that same sex marriage is now permitted by law in the USA. 

The latest is that their President is now crusading around the African continent promoting his non-discrimination, same sex agenda. This progressive slide is turn for the worst and invites the just wrath and judgment of God Almighty on US & any nation who choose that path

PNG must be warned that Satan’s advocates are hard at work now in our precious paradise.

 We must never think that USA is too far from us to concern us. The world is now a small global village and we know each other.

Then how about our good neighbor and friend Australia – the debate on same sex and gay rights is sizzling up. 

New Zealand is a done deal. A small minority is dictating the identity and destiny of the majority.

We must be aware of the queer minority lurking around scheming and conniving to making subtle attempts to intrude into our normal life as a nation driving their agenda

Our leaders must be very careful who they associate with as there are ominous signs already at work in leadership through certain elements who are driving agenda and pushing policies that are suspect. 

It’s now a worldwide anti-Christ agenda to put God out of every state and turn it into a godless, secular state where secularism, humanism and paganism can thrive and rule reviving the Babylonian spirit.

Gullible citizens and shallow followers of Christ are prime targets of these seducing spirits that Bible warns us of in 1 Timothy 4:1-2

Our leaders including those in the church must be more prayerful, watchful and vigilant.

We have by deliberate choice embraced Israel’s God as ours and the Bible as the foundation. We have chosen well. We can’t go wrong. 

We must therefore never relent in our faith nor succumb so easily to forces and powers who think we are that cheap pushovers.


Lomo Howi

West Yangoru, ESP