Protect mentally retarded persons


THE Government and non-government organisations have placed more emphasis on civil and human rights issues such as gender-based violence, women and children’s rights, HIV/AIDS, breast and cervical cancers, the Covid-19, illiteracy and well as persons with disabilities (PWDs) to address impaired speech and hearing and paraplegic individuals.
This gesture inspires admiration and deserves praise from Papua New Guineans.
Despite all these, it can be seen that one of the PWD categories have been forgotten and that is the mentally retarded persons.
There are a lot of them in streets.
If the government and non-government organisations are serious in addressing issues faced by these marginalised citizens, shouldn’t they consider the mentally retarded persons as well?
The ignorance can be seen as discrimination.
Yes, some mentally retarded persons have themselves to blame because of continuous drug abuse which have placed them in that situations but that still isn’t valid.
Most mentally retarded persons have succumbed to this mental state because of other social problems.
I believe we should refocus our attention on treating our mentally retarded persons.
I believe we need new leadership and strategies to see the Laloki Mental Hospital’s expansion and development so that mentally retarded persons are properly taken care of.