Protect women


A WOMAN was the second being to be created on earth and she was the first to bring sin into this world.
Women are the apple of the eye and the substance that brings jealousy upon the eyes of the opposite gender.
Regardless of this, women are meant to be respected in our society. When God created woman, He did not take out a bone from the man’s leg to create her so that man can rule over them.
He did not take out a bone from the man’s skull so she would be superior to men.
No, He took out a bone from the man’s rib.
This signifies that man and woman are equal.
We all have equal rights.
Women’s rights do not differ from men’s rights.
Therefore, every young girl and woman should be respected with dignity.
Women are known in the society as the backbone of a family.
It troubles me every time I see a woman being abused.
The last time, I saw a boy beat up his girlfriend badly, resulting in the poor girl receiving six stitches on her face.
When I read the newspapers, I was anguished when I learnt that 15 men raped an 18-year-old girl.
What made me even sadder was the inhumane torching of mothers accused of sorcery up in the Highlands.
Men should not be laying their hands on women.
They should be protecting them.
As far as I know, women are docile and unhostile unless they’re provoked.
Women are harmless and without them, there will be no civilisation.
So we should respect every woman and treat them right with love and honour.
Always remember that real men don’t beat women.

Hillary Likius,