Proud Hela villager Bobby champions education


B OBBY Porawi is proud to be the first from his clan in Koroba, Hela to graduate with a university degree.
And he dedicates the Bachelor in Applied Science degree he received this month at the University of Goroka to his family and the Hirua clan members of Tindirugu village, Hedemari Two, Koroba, Hela.
“I would like to dedicate this degree to my dad’s side of the family from Hela, because I am the first person from there to have a university degree.”
Bobby, 27, completed the degree programme majoring in Family and Community Studies.
He is the eldest of five boys. They have two adopted sisters.
His father Tobias Porawi, who witnessed his graduation, works as a security guard with the Magisterial Services in Port Moresby. His mother is from Goroka is a housewife.
Bobby completed Grade 12 at Goroka Secondary School in 2013 but failed to secure a place in a tertiary institution.
Therefore in 2014, he moved to Port Moresby and upgraded his marks at the Gerehu Secondary School Department of Distance Learning Centre.
He stayed at home in 2015, got married in 2016, and had a child.
In 2017, he applied and was selected by the University of Goroka to pursue the degree programme.
When Bobby was growing up, his parents separated. It was hard on him and his siblings. He had to upgrade his Grade 12 marks in 2014 to earn a place in a tertiary institution.
On top of that, he decided to get married early which put more pressure on him. It was challenging.
But he managed to complete his studies because he wanted to secure a good future for his family.
“Before I could finish high school, my parents separated due to a family problem. And added to that, I got married as well which really gave me a challenge in my studies.”
Bobby’s advice to his siblings and other young people is to make education a priority because education makes one become a better person and helps one in making informed decisions in life.
“My advice to my brothers and other young people is to make education your priority. In life we face various influences and challenges when growing up. But when you prioritise education, it will help you become a good person.
“I always tell my siblings to study hard as I have seen the importance and benefit of education in my life. I want my siblings to have the best in life too. I want them to become good citizens of our country.”
Bobby is currently teaching at the Wasara High School in East Sepik. He teaches Grade Nine students Social Science and Personal Development.
Bobby believes that positive changes will happen, such as where he hails from in Hela, if more people reach a higher level of education.
He knows that education will change the way people think and view things in life.
“That is why I see education as very important in shaping our future and the future of our beautiful country.”
Hela will certainly benefit with more people who think along the same lines as Tindirugu villager Bobby.


  • Well done Bobby.

    Congratulations for writing a little history for your dad’s people.

  • We may have al that we need in life, but most important is if the Lord, the source of life is missing, we are leaving a miserable life.. learn to live within HIS presence…

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