Prouds opens first domestic store


PROUDS, the country’s pioneer duty-free and travel retail operator, which has been operating at Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby since July 2015, has opened its first domestic store.
The new store, at Waigani Central, in Port Moresby, will be managed by Jitendra Vijay, who has 16 years of retail management experience.
“I look forward to my new role in Papua New Guinea and wish to make many new friends along the way,” he said.
“Being one of the most modern and fastest-growing suburbs of Papua New Guinea, Waigani Central is all set to shine with the presence of a Prouds store in the area.
“The presence of a Prouds store seemed to be the only missing element in Waigani Central.
“We look forward to being of great service to our customers.”
At Waigani Central, Prouds is offering its list of top international brands for the first time, bearing in mind that its two shops at Jackson International Airport, one at departure and one at arrival, are only accessible to international travellers.
Prouds Waigani Central, which has provided employment to 35 new staff members, is a result of two years of planning and hard work.
The company employs a further 25 staff members in the duty-free outlets at Jackson International Airport.
CPL Group managing director Mahesh Patel, while celebrating the third anniversary of Prouds PNG last July, revealed plans for this new outlet.
“I think the jewel in the crown will be when we open in Waigani Central (within the Stop&Shop complex) so that not only the traveller but everybody in Papua New Guinea and Port Moresby can access these lovely products that Prouds has,” he said then.
“We are very positive and excited as we initially opened our first store in July 2015 with plans to branch out to a domestic store, so opening the first such store is a very exciting moment for the Prouds brand in Papua New Guinea.
“Our aim is to offer genuine international brands at affordable prices – we’re bringing in a range of international fragrances, cosmetics,
sunglasses, watches, jewellery, handbags and consumer electronics for the Prouds Waigani Central store.
“I wish to thank the people of Papua New Guinea for their tremendous support because that is what has given the board of directors of Prouds PNG the confidence to grow the Prouds brand in the country.
“We look forward to their continued patronage of our new store.
“As feedback is very important, we would love to hear from our customers about our products so that we continue to fine-tune our product range and offer exceptional service.”

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