Provide avenues for people living with HIV: Officials


People living with HIV (PLHIV) are capable of learning and become professionals just like any other Papua New Guinean, an official says.
Igat Hope representative, Carol Habbin told heads of churches that they should provide the opportunities for PLHIV to be fully engaged by church and community-based activities.
Habbin said churches seemed to engage those PLHIV that came out public but those who were scared to come out public and express themselves were in the majority.
She said to address this a research was done to find out how the PLHIV felt ,how they wanted to access services and how they have been observed and taken care of in Chimbu and Western Highlands within the organisation (Igat Hope).
From the research 70 per cent said they have been physically assaulted and felt isolated from their own families because of their status and didn’t feel safe.