Provide infrastructure first before link-up

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013

 I REFER to your interview with NCD Governor Powes Parkop regarding the city’s road plans (March 28).

While I applaud the initiative, I would like to highlight some important aspects the authorities need to consider, which if ignored, may lead to more problems.

The planned road lin­king Rainbow-Ensisi Valley with Hohola will create opportunities to start new settlements and one of them is at the back of Rainbo­w, just past the NRI roundabout.

As a resident of this settlement since 2011, I have witnessed many people buying land from custo­mary landowners and building permanent hou­ses there.

If a road is built connecting Rainbow-Ensisi Valley to Tokarara-Hohola, it will certainly pass through this settlement, attracting even more settlers.

My concern is that at the moment, there is no infrastructure such as water, sewerage system, electricity, roads, etc.

The absence of such necessary facilities has placed residents at risk of disease outbreaks.

If a road is built without considering this or if the authorities decide to ig­nore it, there will be more complications.

I call on Michael Mala­bag and Parkop to seriously plan for necessary infrastructure prior to the construction of the road.



Port Moresby