Provide kids with well stocked resources

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IN ORDER for school children to attain and build ideas, stakeholders have to ensure pupils’ resources are well stocked, a teacher said during World Teachers’ Day celebrations last Friday.
The teachers and children of Situm Primary School in Nawaeb district, celebrated the occasion with riddles, poems, posters, song, dance and plays.
The children also presented gifts to their teachers in gestures of appreciation.
Head teacher Mark Keku emphasised that library and text books and other materials including full strength teaching staff were the fundamental elements to achieving the outcome-based education (OBE) objectives.
“In OBE curriculum, children are given ample time to explore and collect information themselves,” Mr Keku said.
“The researched materials are then written or expressed verbally during classes which helps them to know more and improve their learning capacity.”
 To achieve the aims of the OBE, the education department, the provincial education division, teachers, parents and communities must provide necessary learning materials for the children, he said.
Despite many criticisms about the OBE curriculum, “it is still the best because it broadens pupils’ thinking capacity to observe, assess and think critically”, he said.
“That helps them to work with minimal instruction,” Mr Keku added.
Previously, the method was “directed education” where only teachers had to give instructions, “direct and command students to do activities”.