Provide opportunities for all our students


THE country is currently sitting on a time bomb.
Our villages, towns and cities are exposed to increased presence of school leavers who are not able to secure tertiary space to further their education.
A couple of them have good grades and grade point averages, but spacing at the tertiary institution cannot allow them.
Who is responsible to provide for the citizens who have equal rights to be educated and participate in nation building?
The Government, through the relevant departments and agencies, should strategise and sort this out or else the turnaround effect, as seen in the streets of our towns and cities, wil be catastrophic.
Social issues are on the rise and it is frightening.
I suggest that those who do not make it to tertiary levels of education should be enrolled in the disciplinary forces.
We have a nation to build, not a country to destroy.

Junior Kolain Nungya