Provide PMV service, provincial govt told

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The National, Monday 29th April 2013

 MOROBE women want the provincial government to operate public motor vehicles as a business and take it away from individuals.

“We applaud Governor Kelly Naru for the 60/40 quota allocation system for PMV permits but we believe it will be more efficient if given to the provincial government to operate as a business for the Morobe people,” Heather Awagasi said. 

She is from Ahi working at Angau Memorial Hospital. 

She said to allow individual Morobeans to operate PMVs would be chaotic like presently experienced.

“We want an efficient, co-ordinated and professional public transport system that will bring back safety and comfort to the travelling public.”

Jenny Manek, an administration assistant with the Angau hospital board residing at Bumayong, said the present system was disorganised, unsafe and expensive.

“I pay K4 everyday to get to work and return home but there is no protection for us in the PMVs when drunkards get on board and start abusing us physically and vocally.

“My foremost concern is safety and I want the provincial government to take charge and employ all Morobeans as crews and drivers.