Provide services throughout Kokopo

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 20th, 2012

AT the time of writing, counting in Kokopo is still in  in progress and hopefully, we will have a winner by the end of the week.
I would like to remind the new member that after the declarations, he/she should take time to make a trip to the Bitapaka area, particularly the villages from Rainau, Makurapau, Birar, Karu, Malakuma and back to Tokua airport.
After that, I would like the member to tell us through the media the previous achievements of past members in these areas and what are his plans and goals.
We have been neglected for so long.
It is said that East New Britain is the fastest growing province with sealed-roads, health services, electricity and water supply, etc.
I disagree.
There is no equal distribution of service and de­velopment.
All attention is focused on the town and nearby areas, not the rural or remote areas.
I challenge the new member for Kokopo to bring services and development to these areas.
My suggestion is to begin with roads and electricity.

Tired Pinis
Port Moresby