Provide us with electricity, Aihi

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THIS is an open letter to the member for Kairuku-Hiri Paru Aihi.
I call on the MP to bring electricity to the people living along Hiritano Highway starting from Brown River to Vanapa, Veimauri, Gabadi, Waima and on to Mekeo.
The current electricity supply from Port Moresby stops at Sabusa and we have been living in darkness since independence.
The people living along the highway need electricity and this is a vital service.
I, for one, believe that it will not cost too much to provide electricity to the people and the cost will not consume too much in the Central provincial budget.
Whilst on this issue, I also see there is a website for Kairuku-Hiri.
I wonder how much it cost the MP to set up a website and what benefits the MP hopes it will bring when 95% of the people of Kairuku-Hiri do not have access to computers.
This is another waste of money because the province will not benefit from it.
In the projects’ page, it is bare because it says it is still under construction!
I wonder how many projects the MP has carried out in the last three years that cannot be included in the webpage unless there is really nothing.
Instead of wasting money on the website, the MP could have used the funds to provide us electricity.

Kau Varu