Providing opportunities can excel locals in business: Official

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

WESTERN Highlanders are naturally good at running businesses and can fully utilise opportunities if financial help were brought to their doorsteps, a provincial government official says.
Barry Rungwa, the executive officer of Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti,  said the people are business minded and can excel if given opportunities.
He said Mt Hagen was the commercial centre of the Highlands region and business was booming which requires more banking services were needed.
Rungwa was speaking at the recent financial expo in Mt Hagen.
“In line with Vision 2050 of the Government which Bank of PNG is taking the lead with all financial institutions, we would like more banking services reaching Western Highlands.
“We would appreciate if BPNG can establish its regional centre here. Thank you BPNG and the financial institutions for bringing banking up from Port Moresby,” he said.
Rungwa and provincial administrator Joseph Neng was pleased with the expo which enabled small business people to get vital services and information on how to do banking and save money.
Neng said when more people are empowered to become businessmen and women and have access to finance and financial literacy, they would make meaningful contributions to economic development.
He commended BPNG and the financial institutions for facilitating the SME policy which could see Vision 2050 become reality.
BPNG Governor Loi Bakani said many parts of the country did not have good road systems and due to its geography, banking services were almost impossible.
He thanked the licensed financial institutions and communication companies for making it possible for people to access these services through mobile banking concepts.