Province aims to raise standard of education


PRINCIPLES, guidelines, commitment and order are the major focus to raise the standard of education which should be considered by all education officials in Western Highlands.
New provincial education adviser Simon Sam said there were principles which everyone should follow to achieve their goals.
Sam said appointment days would be displayed on notice boards where anyone who had queries could raise them.
He said he would work with Governor Paias Wingti to implement his plans on education.
“We have to raise the standard of education and produce quantity and quality at the same time.”
His predecessor, Nokks Kiap, said there were trials and errors ahead and people should work hard.
Kiap served the province for seven years and with Wingti, built 19 high schools.
Kiap has been promoted to deputy provincial administrator cooperate services.
“You should have the courage to face the challenge because that will reveal what type person you are,” he said.

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