Province allocates services to LLGs


EAST New Britain is one of the eight provinces to have some functions of the national court system decentralised to its districts and local level governments (LLG).
ENB deputy administrator Levi Mano had a brief meeting with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General secretary Dr Eric Kwa in Kokopo recently that ENB was the first province to see the National Court hearings circuit going down to district and local level government levels.
“We have trialed this out by decentralising all our National Court circuit hearing down to our people out there at our LLGs and have seen the delivery of our court system much more easier (than basing it in Kokopo),” Mano said.
“Our objective is to support this programme and take ownership of it as we are prepared to work with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.
“Our administration has recommended to the department to establish two CBC (community-based crime centre) to be established in Rabaul and Pomio.”
Mano said the two centres would help the law and order sector in the two districts to minimise issues.
He said first centre would be built at Kurakakaul near the Rabaul administration office and one built later for Palmalmal in Pomio.

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