Province bans public gatherings

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THE Eastern Highlands (EHP) Coronavirus (Covid-19) Steering Committee has enforced a blanket ban on all public gatherings due to a spike in infections and deaths.
“We decided to enforce the ban after a meeting on Monday,” committee chairman John Gimisive said.
He said two Covid-19 deaths were reported during the Independence Day weekend and positive cases had shot up to 50 this month.
“The two deaths, plus the four last month bring the total death toll in the province to eight.
“There will be no nightclubs and common public gatherings in the province for an indefinite period.
“The safety of the people in the province is paramount,” he added.
Gimisive also apologised to the Goroka Show committee and the sponsors for the cancellation of the show during the weekend.
“The decision to cancel the show was to give priority to public health safety and saving human lives following recommendations by the Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA).
“I gave initial approval in July but the last minute decision was made in light of the increase in Covid-19 cases and recommendation of the EHPHA,” he added.
Meanwhile, Goroka MP Aiye Tambua was saddened by the cancellation of the Goroka Show.
“On behalf of my people of Goroka district, I felt for organisations and people who spent time, money, efforts and resources directly affected when the show was cancelled,”Tambua said.
He said the losses incurred by investors, sponsors, singsing groups, performers and the public at large particularly the show organising committees were irreplaceable.
“My apology to the Australia High Commission and members of other diplomatic corps who were bound to attend Goroka Show but the cancellation has stopped them.”