Province experiencing shortage of food, water


PEOPLE in Gulf are experiencing food shortage after king tides hit the province.
Sarufa Ako, from the provincial disaster assessment team, said people had resorted to eating raw fruits and vegetables to survive.
Ako said it was difficult assessing the situation.
“We are currently assessing the situation but I can tell you that the people here (Gulf) are in dire need of water and food,” Ako said.
“In some places the water has completely washed away their gardens.”
He said people were going upriver to fetch for clean water.
“The salt water has pushed upriver about three to four kilometres and people are paddling upriver to fetch water for consumption,” Ako said.
He said the next best source of water was coconut juice.
Ako said with the increase in demand the coconuts too have been depleted.
“So far there have been nine reported cases of diarrhoea,” Ako said.
“We fear that cases of dysentery and malnutrition will follow.”
Ako said Kukuipi, Marekea, Keatu, Hamuhamu, Lelefiru, Savairiri and Isapeape villages were affected by the king tide and had no food and access to fresh water.
Gulf Governor Chris Haivetta said that an official report has already been sent to the prime minister.
Havetta has also called on the Gulf communities in Port Moresby and around the country to assist the people in the villages.
The province is on high alert as another king tide is expected to hit their shores in the next couple of days.

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