Province funds revival of airstrip


THE Morobe government has invested K10,000 to revive the Pindiu airstrip, in Finschhafen, to ensure people access government services and transport cash crops to markets.
Provincial administrator Bart Ipambonj and deputy administrator – socio-economics Robin Bazinuc – approved the funds, based on a proposal submitted by Kay Takisieng, the ward three councillor for Tireng, Magezetsu and Gubu communities.
The airstrip was closed for almost 15 years.
The wet weather in Hube and Burum-Kuat areas, interior Finschhafen, has caused much damage to the Gagidu-Pindiu highway. Passengers pay K150 fare or K1500 for hire.
Takisieng said boat fare from Lae to Gagidu is K100.
He thanked the provincial government for giving a new lease of life to Pindiu airstrip – which will relieve people from the 17 wards in Hube, who would transport cash crops to Lae and instead to Gagidu.
“It will be very convenient by air then by road to Gagidu then by boat or ship to Lae,” he said.
“We’ve discussed the revival of Pindiu airstrip with rural airstrip coordination office under the provincial works unit.
“They agreed to support.
“All it requires is to clear the overgrown shrubs, get the cone markers, wind sock and basic requirements in place before authorities certify for its operation” Takisieng said.
He said the K10,000 would be used to clear the vegetation and additional funding would be allocated for proper maintenance work.
He said the Finschhafen district chief executive Glen Kiso also noted the struggle faced by the people and pledged his support.

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