Province gets 8pc share


EAST New Britain (ENB) will be getting an eight per cent share from the reducing emission deforestation degradation (REDD+) project under Night Incorporate, a company specialising in carbon trade credit.
The company signed a contract with an incorporated land group (ILG) in the province to kick off the project.
The company’s in-country chief executive Esrom Toligur Jr said this last week during the signing of a contract between the company and Kagenal ILG from the Central Inland Pomio local level government (LLG) in Pomio.
He said the ENB government was a stakeholder in the carbon trade REDD+ project and that was why it was getting a share from carbon credit proceeds.
Toligur said the Climate Change and Development Authority would be getting seven per cent, Kagenal ILG 52 per cent while the Night Incorporate would have a 33 per cent share.
He said the project was to help everyone and most importantly, the main aim was to conserve forests in ENB to mitigate climate change locally and around the world.
This was also important for future generations to benefit from what was preserved.
Toligur said the company would fulfil its social responsibilities by helping develop local infrastructure and capacity in health, education and roads.
He assured the provincial government that the company would operate in line with provincial policies.
Kagenal ILG was the first group in the province to form a partnership with Night Incorporate.
The company plans to work with other groups in Pomio.

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  • Night Incorporate gets 33% management fee!!! It sounds like a bad deal for ENB
    Where is this company registered?
    There have been a lot of scams since REDD began

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