Province pays tuition fees for tertiary students

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

The New Ireland provincial government will be paying education subsidies this week for their students attending tertiary institutions.
This funding has been a policy adopted by Governor Sir Julius Chan and his government.
About 1150 students’ fees will be subsidised at a cost of K2.5 million, with university students receiving K2500 each.
“The delivery of our education subsidies, through the provincial government subsidy unit has ensured our students can further their education regardless of their financial capacity to pay.” Sir Julius said.
“The operation of the provincial government relies heavily on the national government release.
“We are aware that cashflow has affected provinces to fund many policies this year, but today every claim for our tertiary students is being processed and these claims will be the highest priority for our treasury.
“Students can expect these subsidies to go directly into their bank accounts without any delay.
The education subsidy has been one of the most important policies of my Government for the last eight years, and we place a very high budget priority on ensuring our students are supported.”