Province revives tourism

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


MOROBE, still reeling from the shock of last month’s Black Cat Track killings, is quietly confident of building a solid tourism foundation.

It wants to reestablish the defunct Morobe Tourism Bureau. 

Morobe commerce and tourism advisor TaliYanga said there was a silver lining to the dark clouds hovering over Morobe tourism after the Black Cat attack. 

“The Black Cat killings have really affected our reputation, our standing in the world,” he said.

“It’s really affected our image, as well as the rest of the province and the country.”

Yanga has held talks with Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Alan McLay about reviving the bureau. 

He will make a submission on it in the 2014 provincial budget.

The bureau was a joint initiative of the chamber, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority and Morobe provincial government.

It ran well for a couple of years but ceased operations because of a lack of funding.

“That office (bureau) was very good,” Yanga said.

“I’m thinking of reviving that office. I’ve put it in the budget for next year.

“I’ve had consultations with Alan McLay and he’s very supportive of the idea. Hopefully, we should get this office off the ground next year.

“I’m thinking of getting a volunteer from New Zealand, Australia or America to run the office.