Province setting up company

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 THE Northern provincial executive council has established a business entity known as the Northern Province Resources Ltd.

“It will engage and participate in business development in the province and elsewhere on behalf of the people of Northern,” Governor Gary Juffa said.

“This is done to grow the provincial economy and create more opportunities for our people.

“The business arm shall be managed by a board of credible persons and shall engage in business activities ranging from transportation, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, resource exploration and development and banking and finance. 

“It is currently in its final stages of establishment and has been allocated K3 million to establish a company structure and develop a business plan.”

Juffa is chairman of the board and wants to change the people from being royalty collectors to developers. 

“Oro (Northern) province has been lagging behind in development for too long,” he said. “People of Oro must start rebuilding their province and thinking ahead. 

“The business arm has been established to ensure that the people of Oro are not marginalised and become spectators on their own land. Oro has vast resources but already these are not in the control of the people.”