Province to get new system to keep track of its assets

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 A NEW asset management system for the Western Highlands provincial health authority will soon be in place to track all its assets, an officer says.

This could not be done previously as there has never been a system in place until the asset management training of staff, director corporate services Julie Bengi said.

Eighteen staff members went through five days of intensive training on fixed assets entry and management to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills on how to enter and keep proper records.

A nationally-owned computer software design company in Port Moresby, Pacific Software Solutions, conducted the week-long training.

The software system had been designed to show the number and types of assets available within the  organisation, their purchase date, amount, value, ID, code and file numbers and location, Bengi said.

Trainers Paul Muingnepe and Marsh Narewel said if a piece of equipment was reported lost or stolen, the system would show who was the last user and he or she would be held accountable.

They said assets such as land, housing, plant and machinery, furniture, vehicles, white goods, medical and dental equipment and other facilities, could be entered into the system.

Bengi, who designed an asset management policy, said the training was in line with the aims and objectives of the policy and had fitted in well with the needs of the organisation.

She said the system was user-friendly and had been designed and tailored for the needs of the Western Highlands provincial health authority.

“This is all about planning, budgeting and managing the use and distribution of valuable assets and other resources,” she said.

“It is about accountability, efficiency and financial management.”