Province welcomes limestone project

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


THE future of Chimbu lies in limestone, an internationally recognised limestone investor based in China says.

Team leader of visiting executives from the China Mechanical Engineering Corporation (CMEC) Ma Yebing told a packed crowd in Kundiawa, including provincial administrator Joe Kunda and Governor Noah Kool yesterday that the future of Chimbu was hanging on the limestone resource it has.

CMEC, an internationally recognised company, has shown interest in developing the limestone resource in a joint venture with Simbu Limestone Development Corporation Ltd for the people of the province.

Yebing, an engineer with CMEC, said they were here to develop the limestone and build a treatment plant, but this first visit was to discuss technical issues associated with the project and find solutions.

He quoted a Chinese proverb, ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step’, and said they were now taking the first step.

“The Chimbu limestone project will be successful because your future is hanging on it,” he said.

The other team members are Hu Rui, an engineer, and  Zhu Xiangmei,  the project manager.

Kool welcomed the team, describing the visit as a special occasion in the initial stage of the project.

“The national Government is giving undivided support to the project through the Commerce and Trade Department and the provincial government is determined to see the first cement bag from the limestone,” Kool said.

“We want to see a cement factory come into fruition.”