Provinces need to get tougher


THE measures imposed during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak last year saw some control despite a drop in business income, reduced teaching and learning periods, a hit informal sector and flight and public motor vehicle restrictions which also included a hike in PMV fares.
Today, the resurgence in the Covid-19 has produced frightening results and most provinces are witnessing an increase in infections as well as deaths.
Sufficient evidence warrants strict measures and requires a collaborative approach to make vaccination mandatory.
Leaders from all sectors must speak in a united voice and demonstrate leadership for people to follow.
In towns and cities, PMVs are loaded to capacity, local markets are in full swing, it’s class as normal for schools, face masks and sanitation rules are not being followed.
Catalysts say connections to all provinces are roads, air and sea and if half, or three quarters, of the domain are experiencing the Covid-19, it calls for other territories to be vigilant and apply very stringent measures.
It does not mean that the province you live in is free of diseases.
For Morobe, which is accessible to people in the Highlands, Mamose, the New Guinea Islands and Northern, the Covid-19 can easily be brought in, transmitted and then travel out.
Strict preventive requirements must be enforced in the province by the provincial authorities.
Everyone should be vigilant and cooperate to minimise the bloody deathly airborne disease.

Jack Anis Kukiwa