Provincial days a bad idea


I WONDER where this idea of celebrating the provincial day in the National Capital came from.
This has happened for couple of years now.
The week leading towards to Sept 16, each province host this so called provincial days starting from Fridays to Sundays.
Those organisers, when did your province get independence and from which coloniser?
Papua New Guinea celebrates Sept 16 every year because we got self-government on 1973 then on Sept 16, 1975, independence from Australia.
If the idea was to promote our unique diverse culture, then this provincial day celebration is not the right way because it has caused so many problems in the capital.
We have people all over the world living with us in the city and we have created a bad image for the country.
If we want to showcase our diverse culture, the appropriate time will be schools hosting cultural days or provincial cultural shows.
For instance, Enga cultural show, Mt Hagen cultural show etc.
A lot of negative has occurred over the years.
The learning of the students has been interrupted because most of the provincial day celebration has been hosted in the schools.
Public properties have been damaged and has created threat to the safety of the public because young people get encouraged to get drugs and get drunk. It has created so many chaos near the main bus tops after the celebration.

Albert Peter Alo


    • I totally agreed. Provincial day celebration should be stop now. It’s contributing more attitude problems and trouble in the capital city.

  • Totally agree. NCDC must look into this and ban provinces from having provincial days. Its bad practice that is being ongoing for some years. I see that sometimes this provincial days brings disunity as Papua New Guineans. It must be abolished.

  • Absolutely – No point in having such days when each ethnic group turns on others. We have seen all seen the results publicly involving alcohol related issues, crime and clashes. Each night after a provincial day you can count on many or a few seeking assistance at the POM Emergency room. Get so fed up with such lunatics that misuse their provincial days.
    Rather they best have provincial days in their own provinces and not NCD. NCD is a neutral hub and should not entertain provincial days if people are going to active primitive.

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