Provincial government assists Central students at University of PNG

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013


CENTRAL students at University of Papua New Guinea received K451,000 tution fee assistance as part of the province’s support for students.

Governor for Central Kila Haoda presented a cheque for the amount to help students and parents in his province.

He said despite having limited resources to gain favourable investment in the province, his government was determined to focus on health and education.

“This is the first time a governor is helping and giving to the students of Central. I want the level of the province to step up and be like other high-performing provinces,” Haoda said

Provincial administrator Raga complimented the governor.

“You students must improve your GPAs and progress on with good friendship that can help improve your standard of education,” he said.

“Go back and encourage the others back in the village to strive for the better and reach the tertiary level.”

Raga said the money used for the tution fee assistance was budgeted by the provincial government. 

Central students representative Ethel Heagi said it was the first of its kind of assistance by a Central government and hoped it could go further to include other tertiary institutions in the country.

“It’s a two-way thing, the government is assisting us but we must take the lead and show the way to other central students” Heagi said.