Provincial govt, LLG must back project: Official

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

THE provincial and local level governments must support coffee rehabilitation work in their areas, the Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project manager, Potaisa Hombunaka says.
“It is important to go down to the next tier of government – LLGs – so that they are aware. The provincial government and LLGs are equally vital to add synergy to this project,” he said.
Hombunaka said this during the signing of a partnership agreement between the Coffee Industry Corporation, New Britain Resources Development Ltd (lead partner) and the Qaqet Stewardship Council Inc (co-partner).
The signing was held at the Sinivit LLG headquarters in Pomio on Friday June 30. The PPP is a CIC project financed by a loan from the World Bank and co-funding from the PNG Government.
The agreement allows the new lead partner to implement coffee rehabilitation activities, including improving old coffee gardens and setting up nurseries for one million seedlings in the project area in Pomio.
The project will involve 1,000 farmers using 1,000 hectares.
The lead partner will invest K1million which includes the construction of a warehouse for storage and green bean coffee processing factory in Kokopo.
It already from its own resources produced and supplied 70,000 seedlings to farmers to plant.
Hombunaka emphasised the importance of accountability and good governance in the management of PPAP projects in compliance with World Bank guidelines.
Sinivit LLG president Boniface Gerep thanked the CIC-PPAP for including Pomio district in the coffee rehabilitation programme.
“We started taking about this three years ago. I am happy because the project will put money in the little people’s pocket and we must support it,” he said.
Gerep, the deputy chairman of the Pomio District Development Authority praised his farmers for being accepted by the CIC to participate in the 2016 Coffee Cupping competition to be held in Lae.
New Britain Resources Development Ltd is one of seven new private sector organisations engaged to extend coverage of coffee rehabilitation work in the country.