Provincial leaders call for govt’s intervention

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The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 RECEIVING handouts must be seen as the saddest moment in time for Morobean people of this age, former provincial leaders say.

Morobe people were led to think positively and live an independent life, they said.

Unfortunately, the free handout mentality has led them to rebel against their own government and without respect to Tutumang (provincial) leadership, they said.

The provincial administration is equally blamed for incompetency.

Grand Chief Boyamo Sali, Titi Christian and Romoke Rotongia among others, voiced concern over the way in which the Morobe political and administrative leadership was heading and slow in delivering service in the nine districts of the province.

Sali said there had to be proper and efficient policy guidelines and policy in place to disburse funding.

“That was why former Treasury Minister Bart Philemon initiated the treasury rollout programme and utilised the government systems available,” Rotongia said.

Leaders appreciated Governor Kelly Naru’s initiative of giving a tenth of the provincial budget to churches and K2 million credit schemes with the National Development Bank besides former governor Luther Wenge’s Gerson-Solulu tertiary scholarship.

However, they questioned the creation of four deputy administrators – government administration, infrastructure, economic and social services.

“It’s illogical when a person is an acting administrator to create such positions,” the former leaders said.

“Department of public service and personnel management, the Office of Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill must intervene immediately,” Sali said.

They called on the government to:

  • Appoint a steering committee to bring Morobe back on course;
  • appoint a permanent administrator immediately; and,
  • Structure to allow the creation of four deputy positions be reviewed.