Provincial official for people living with disabilities sworn in to Central assembly


THE Central assembly has sworn in Raymond Geneyabo to represent people living with disabilities.
Governor Robert Agarobe said Genebayo was sworn in with seven other members of the assembly.
He said the members of the assembly came from different professions such as legal, finance and business, and all have international exposure. There were also three women in the assembly.
The members are Frank Bouraga (business representative), Willie Vavi (chiefs rep), Sil Ure (chiefs rep), Tess Gizoria (youth rep), Aiva Koisen (community rep), Vela Tom (women’s rep), Geneyabo and Douveri Hena (church rep).
Agarobe told the members he looked forward to working with them in building a smarter province to economically empower the people.
There are 13 local level government presidents and four MPs, one of them a cabinet minister.

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