Provincial works dept offices to receive K3m for natural disasters

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The National, Wednesday 03rd April 2013

 WORKS and implementation minister Francis Awesa has committed K3 million for each provincial works department offices to cater for natural disasters.

He revealed this during a meeting last week with provincial works managers and senior technical officers, which was chaired by the department’s acting secretary, David Wereh.

Awesa also told the officers that they would be offered better remuneration packages, including accommodation and vehicles.

“The government will be giving prominence to works because we are the backbone of this country in providing rehabilitation and maintenance work on all land transport infrastructure, therefore we must be proactive in what we are doing at all times,” he said.

Awesa said the government was also adamant in stopping unnecessary compensation demands and claims with the full implementation of the Protection of Land Infrastructure Act, adding that full force would be used, if necessary, to ensure the law was fully enforced.

“These things have to stop otherwise the nation will not move forward,” he said.

Wereh urged his managers and technical officers to be responsible and accountable for their actions and expenditures.

“The funding that we make available to you must be matched against the results from the projects carried out with it,” he said.

“If the contractor performs poorly, you must explain; if the project is not finished on time, you must explain.

“Roads are a lifeline and the allocation of this funding comes with trust and expectations. We will empower you with this capacity but we expect you to get results.”