Pruaitch: Climate change plan a priority

National, Normal

The National, Friday 21st September 2012

MINISTER for Climate Change and Forests Patrick Pruaitch says the necessary policy and legislative framework on climate change is his priority.
Pruaitch said climate change was an issue caused by human activities.
He said for that reason it was very important that people knew the impacts of their activities on the climate.
“Climate change is a phenomena induced by human activity,” Pruaitch said.
He said as the leader responsible for climate change, he was well aware of the immense role of good leadership in his ministry.
He said it was essential to have legislation and policies to guide the department.
“For my ministry, the priorities are to get policy and legislative framework in place.
“The ministry will have a purpose.
“Without a policy, OCCD will have no focus, it will not be held to account,” Pruaitch said.
He said the Office of Climate Change and Development had many oversees consultants but the people did not know anything about the consultation and awareness.
He said he wanted OCCD to undertake wider awareness and consultation campaigns.
“We must get our people to know the good, bad and the ugly about climate change.
“Any development will be useless if our people do not give their free, informed consent,” Pruaitch said.