Pruaitch leadership


AS a young energetic leader, Prime Minster James Marape’s decisions will be of no personal interest but for the all folk of this nation.
However, where are your plans and policies which you’ve set up and campaigned for?
The plans and policies you’ve been dreamt and planned for years, now is the time to implement.
Your two terms in parliament is under the policies of PNC-not Pangu Pati.
In the eyes of this nation, you were playing your smart game by breaking away from the ruling PNC party and joined opposition.
Furthermore, you moved over to a party where there was a number which someone has sweated his guts to collect such numbers of that party.
A leader who has been against you, James Marape and Peter O’Neill government was leader of National Alliance, Patrick Pruaitch and he should be the 8th prime minister of this nation.
The ball is in your court now Pruaitch.

Mark Talipa, Lae

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